【Free Shipping】Delux Perfume (100mL)

【Free Shipping】Delux Perfume (100mL)

Floroma 花の滴

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In love with Floroma's perfume? Here comes the brand new 100ml delux perfume, let you enjoy your favorite scent with large capacity!

Capacity: 100mL / 1 Bottle

🏆 1. White Orchid《Hot Item🥇》
The fragrance of Hong Kongers
Only use pure white orchid scent as the main note,
No other scents added,
Awakened the purest and most passionate heart,
To the courageous and devoted me in the past;
Hey, are you still here?
Note: White Orchid

🌼 2. Gardenia 《New》
The gardenia fragrance is like the smell of a garden in the morning after rain,
it is cool and refreshing. The sweetness that comes with it is natural and soft.
The natural powdery scent is as delicate as silk,
it blends with the body aroma to give a warm feel.
The exquisite and pure scent makes people fall in love with it!

🌷 3. Ginger Lily
The blossom of Ginger Lily,
is like a white butterfly which flies freely across the prairie.
This perfume would make you feel like you are being in the nature,
Which makes you relax and uplifts your mood.
Suitable for office lady and travel usage.
Note: Ginger Lily

🌾 4. Osmanthus
Under the sunset of Autumn,
The sweet Osmanthus scent brings a little bit of bitterness,
The rich Osmanthus scent surrounds you,
Brings your happiness everyday❤
Note: Osmanthus

🌼 5. Jasmine
A clean, and delicate hint of Jasmine,
Quietly being carried by the gentle breeze of summer,
A refreshing scent, comforting and refined,
You can't help but feel intoxicated under the enchanting night.
Notes: Jasmine

🌷 6. Narcissus
A light hint of Narcissus,
Luxurious, Elegant and graceful,
A delicate scent,
For the delicate and gentle woman that is you.
Note: Narcissus

🌹 7. Bulgarian Rose
A classic scent is packed with a hint of bulgarian rose,
The tenderness of rose is combined with the fruitiness and sweetness of lychee,
Slowly evoke the allure of the fragrant,
Fully expressing and capturing the charm, and sexiness of a woman.
Note: Bulgarian Rose

The romantic floral packaging design with low-key luxury golden logo, it is perfect as gifts or for personal use!

  • All fragrance ingredients are imported from France.
  • Perfumes are made in Hong Kong, IFRA and MSDS approved.
  • As all our perfume products are made in Hong Kong, it might takes 7 days to send out the parcel if there are too many orders.


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