Japanese White Tea Perfume

Japanese White Tea Perfume

Floroma 花の滴

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|Fragrance Introduction|
🍵《Japanese White Tea》Perfume
The soft and thorough white tea scent is simple and pure, the light and ethereal tea scent is fresh and elegant, like the scent of white tea inadvertently stained on the clothes, natural and soft, low-key and unassuming. The sweetness of the white tea and the slightly floral fragrance add a touch of gentleness to you.
This white tea perfume is suitable for both men and woman. The scent is versatile and low-key. 👍🏻 It can create a gentle and elegant image when used at work. 💼 It becomes a casual style when used on holidays. 🛍 Smelling the fragrance of white tea can smoothen your irritability and let you spend a relaxing afternoon!

👩🏻 Ladies using this perfume, giving people a feeling of gentleness and beauty. When coupled with a little white dress, the immortality is immediately improved! 

👨🏻 Men using this perfume, creating a literary artistic image. Even the girls want to hug you! 📔

👍🏻There is an elegant new package design for the large perfume! Perfect as a gift or for yourself!免運費

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