White Orchid Perfume《Trueself》USA - Floroma 花の滴

White Orchid Perfume《Trueself》USA

Floroma 花の滴

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White Orchid Perfume, 《Trueself》


Made In Hong Kong

White Orchid Perfume, the scent which belongs to all Hong Kongers

Only use pure white orchid scent as the main note
No other scents added
Awakened the purest and most passionate heart
To the courageous and devoted me in the past
Hey, are you still here?


For the ones who are pursuing their dreams.




Floral Scent:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Note:White Orchid

Come and try it out!

Small White Orchid Perfume (10mL) : USD17

Big White Orchid Perfume (35mL) : USD37


【Limited Offer】

First 100 bottles Discount

New discount set:

USD$51 for 1 Small + 1 Big White Orchid Perfume(10mL + 35mL)

USD$63 for 2 White Orchid Perfumes(35mLx2)

USD$90 for 3 Big White Orchid Perfumes(35mLx3)

  • All fragrance ingredients are imported from France.
  • Perfumes are made in Hong Kong, IFRA and MSDS approved.
  • As all our perfume products are made in Hong Kong, it might takes 7 days to send out the parcel if there are too many orders.


Founder of Floroma, Jane:

  • Jane received training in France to become a perfumer.
  • We had been interviewed by well-known media company such as TVB, ViuTV, RTHK, MingPao, HKET, etc.
  • In one year, we had open workshops for multiple clients, including : Ritz Carlton、JW Marriotte、HSBC、BNP Pariba、Manulife、HKET、Marco Polo 、DFS
  • We strive to bring the art and knowledge of perfume to everyone, in hopes that people will value and appreciate every bottle of perfume.
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