Floroma (Cherry Blossom) Aromatic Refresher Pen

Floroma (Cherry Blossom) Aromatic Refresher Pen

Floroma 花の滴

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Hong Kong First Original Aromatic Refresher Pen

Feeling tired when back to school or during work?

Feeling dizzy and hard to breathe when wearing a mask?

Always being bitten by mosquitoes?

Aromatic Refresher can solve these problems!

Floroma’s Aromatic Refresher Pen is specially designed for office workers, students and night owls. It contains pure natural menthol and lavender essential oil, which makes you refreshed with enchanting aroma.

1. What is the function of the Aromatic Refresher Pen?

✅It is refreshing, repels mosquitoes and soothes itchiness.

2. What are the main ingredients of the Cherry Blossom 🌸 refresher pen?

✅Active Ingredients: Cherry Blossom 🌸fragrance, Lavender essential oil, Pure natural menthol, etc.

❌No Alcohol, DEET and Camphor.

3. Can pregnant women or children use it?


✅Children who age 1 year old or above can use it ❌For pregnant women, infants and children, please use the product with caution.

4. How to use the Aromatic Refresher Pen?

✅You can enjoy instant refreshment by rolling aromatic refresher under nostrils, onto the temples or behind the earlobes.

✅It can be applied on other parts of the body to repel mosquitoes and soothe itchiness with cooling comfort. Recap tightly after use.

Floroma Aromatic Refresher Pen・Functional Perfume

Scent descriptionFloroma Aromatic Refresher Pen・Functional Perfume(Cherry Blossom🌸)“Cherry Blossom or Sakura, is beautiful, delicate, and romantic. It symbolises love and hope. Each year between March and April is Japan’s Cherry Blossom season. During that time, Japanese people love to picnic under the Sakura trees to relax and enjoy an amazing view.“

We hope to bring the same scent and the same feeling to you with our perfume, so during your busy day, it can remind you of a precious and fantastic moment." src="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1602/3929/files/IMG_0464_2048x2048.JPG?v=1523515477" style="float: none;">

Floroma Aromatic Refresher Pen・Functional Perfume(Cherry blossom🌸)

Product Features
- The enhanced formula contains natural Cherry Blossom/ Apple Flower/ Green tea essence. It can help relieve tension and reduce fatigue.
- The long-lasting aroma can remove peculiar smell, repel mosquitoes and soothe itchiness.
- Delicate roll-on Design facilitates smooth application with fluid control which prevents leakage, keeping it fresh and clean.
- It is easy to carry with its fashionable and dexterous design.

Floroma Aromatic Refresher Pen・Functional Perfume

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- Product is for application on the skin only, do not consume.
- Please avoid contact with eyes, or wounds. If it comes in contact with your eyes, please wash your eyes thoroughly with water if contacted. If you have any allergic reaction to our product, please stop using it immediately. Please consult a doctor if you feel unwell after use.
- For pregnant women, infants and children, please use the product with caution.

Volume: 9ml
Storage method: please place it in a cool area and avoid contact with sunlight. Once opened, it is best to finish it within six months.

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