Floroma 花の滴 (花之滴) 香水班

Floroma’s perfume workshop, limited offer $788 for two people (including two self made perfume)

Floroma 花の滴

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News Update (15.7.2020 updated)

New September class schedule has been updated!

Any customers who did not receive any notification, please contact our customer service representative on facebook.

【Perfect Date Idea】

Shopping, movies, Eating at a Restaurant,

What else can we do with your significant other?

Corporate events are always always dinner, or hiking?

Thinking of a best date with your besties?!

Come join us at our perfume workshop and create your own perfume!💝

Fun and exciting!💝

🌹Let’s use fragrance to create a memorable experience.🌹
Vincy Wong (local celebrity) also participated in our perfume workshop!
✌🏻Miss Hong Kong Ms. Tam also praised our class quality ✌🏻!
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🎀We have professional instructors to guide you in maing your unique perfume
🎀We offer you a 1000 feet Franch Floral Setting Studio to take wonderful photos📸
Create memory which belongs to smelling sense perfume scent is decided by you
Smelling sense has the deepest connection with memory, but we always over emphasize on visual and hearing sense, but forgot anout smelling sense
"A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion." ― Jeffrey Stepakoff
Fragrance is a pleasure that everybody can enjoy
“A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ”
― Christian Dior
creating perfume is an adventure. It takes your nose on a ride of many wonderful scents, ultimately creating a unique perfume that represents you.
Floroma'ssimple fragrance composition, we have chosen some of our favorite and popular ingredients out of 50+ optionsand made some sample perfume as examples and reference.
It's all personal preferences, there is no right or wrong!
A lot of options for you to choose from, including:
🌹Flower Notes:🌺Damascus Rose, White Rose, Jasmine, Peony, Cherry Blossom (limited time offer)
🍋Fruit Notes:Strawberry, Orange, Mango, Grapefruit
🌿Grass Notes: French herbs , Freesia, Patchouli
🌴Wood Notes: Sandal Wood, Kaptur, Agarwood
🌊Specialty Notes: Rose Amber , Vanilla, Summer MarineBaby Powder
Class Syllabus:
  • Basic introduction to history of perfume , origins, ingredients and types
  • Understanding fragrance
  • Nosing and describing scent
  • Perfume composition
  • mixing different ingredients and the ratios
  • Using your own handsto create your own unque perfume

This year we have added many colors for DIY flowers as an accessory, combing with an awesome gift box,it completes the whole package for your one and only perfume!

We will provide the items below:
  • Different fragrance ingredients for you to choose, including: flower, fruits, wood, sea,each season we have exclusive options that you can choose from as well
  • 25ml empty bottle (provided for your final product)<please see picture below >
  • measuring cup x 1
  • perfume card x 10
  • droppers x 4
with an additional $50, you can add three additional accessories for your perfume bottle (hand carry gift box + DIY flower + a greeding card) < Please state your request in the Google Form>
Please see below for information regarding corporate events:
***minimum of six people are required for corporate events and bridal shower
If interested, please contact Jane (Tel/ Whatsapp: 98850262 Email: janeweng@swanmartco.com / Myfloroma@gmail.com)***
July perfume class schedule(Only 2 classes, do not miss out on this opportunity):

11 July (Sat) 12:30-2:30pm

25 July (Sat) 6:30-8:30pm

Class Location1: MioXspace

Address:Room B, 11/F, Speedy Industrial Building, 114 How Ming St, Kwun Tong (Kwun Tong Mtr, walk towards APM shopping mall, walk through the mall to Entrepot Centre, take the escalator down to exit at How Ming street,Speedy Industrial Building is on the opposite side of street)
Registration and Payment method
1. please scroll up and press Add to CartQuantity choose 1
2. then press Checkout, fill in your information and you can proceed to pay with credit card.
3. Once finished, please click here"Floroma's Perfume Class Schedule"Fill in your Order No., and your desired time slot。If you need additional gift boxes or greeting cards, please state your request in the form and pay in class。
4. Class time slot is on a first come first serve basis, once the first class is filled, we will place customer in the second class.
5. Email will be sent to confirm the class time slot. If you are unable to attend the second option, please list it in the Remark section or notify us by email. If it is not mentioned beforehand and customer missed the class, no refund will not be accepted. Under special circumstances, we can refund 90% of the class fee, 10% will be administrative cost. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.
|Direct Transfer|
If you do not wish to use credit card,customer can use bank direct transfer/ PayMe (please see bank information below),along with your full name, address, email, phone numberto janeweng@swanmartco.com ,Please click here after payment"Floroma's Perfume Class Schedule"Fill in Order No.(Please fill in bank account number),class time slot. Class time slot is on a first come first serve basis, and email will be sent out for confirmation。
Google Form link:

HSBC Bank Account Number: 023-896475-838 (Floroma Ltd) or
Standard Chartered Bank Account Number: 251-89862171 (Weng Ching)

Location 1MioXspace
Address: Room B, 11/F,Speedy Industrial Building, 114 How Ming St, Kwun Tong (Kwun Tong Mtr, walk towards APM shopping mall, walk through the mall to Entrepot Centre, take the escalator down to exit at How Ming street,Speedy Industrial Building is on the opposite side of street)
Features:Romantic settings, with lots of decoration, perfect for photoshoots with your bridesmaid / Bridal shower
Location2Le Secret

Address:Room U, 10/F, Everest Industrial Centre, 396 Kwun Tong Rd, Kwun Tong

Features:1000 square feet, french inspired interior designed, large windows that allow natural light in the room, creating an elegant and relaxing room, perfect environment for perfume making.

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