Floroma’s Perfume Bridal Shower Package (6-10 people)

Floroma’s Perfume Bridal Shower Package (6-10 people)

Floroma 花の滴

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Do you want to do Something Fun for your Bridal Shower? Join/Sign up for our Bridal Shower Perfume Experience!

Play, Chat, we have professional photographer ready to take your photos

Create your own perfume, and bond with your bridesmaid using fragrance.

Secret garden themed room

bridal shower, floroma

More photos, please see:


10 fragrance ingredients to choose from to create your own unique scent.

感官留住感覺 香味留住回憶

Minimum 6 people, 1 session is 2-3 hours, each person will leave with one bottle of perfume.

Lots of high quality ingredients to choose from and try.

Everything will be prepared for you, we will have instructors to guide you through this experience.

Package includes:

1. Self-made Perfume Workshop:

  • Basic introduction to history of perfume
  • Understanding scent from different ingredients and nosing
  • Perfume composition - mixing different ingredients and the ratios
  • Createyour own perfume

We will provide:

  • Different fragrance ingredients for you to choose, including: flower, fruits, wood, sea, etc. Each season
  • 25ml empty bottle<See the picture>
  • Measuring cups
  • Perfume card
  • dropper x 4

2. Rare themed rooms perfect for Ladies. Elegant and spacious. Fully furnitured

Option 1Le Secret by MioXspace

地址:Room U, 10/F, Everest Industrial Centre, 396 Kwun Tong Rd, Kwun Tong

Feature:1000 square feetfrench inspired interior designed, large windows that allow natural light in the room, creating an elegant and relaxing room, perfect environment for perfume making

Option 2Room Rococo, MioXspace
Address: Room B, 11/F, Speedy Industrial Building, 114 How Ming St, Kwun Tong(觀塘地鐵站經APM出口,到港貿中心轉乘扶手電梯而下至巧明街出口,望向對面馬路即達)
Feature:Romantic setting and decoration, perfect for photoshoot with your bridesmaid/ Bridal shower

Photography equipment is available,many celebrities have done photoshoots here.

Basic photography service included,, please inquire if a professional photographer is required.


3. 全套Bridal Shower 裝飾道具配件

Decorations (ornaments, flowers, dolls,) and other smaller accessories are all available upon request, please notify us ahead of time for better preparation.

Please contact us for further inquiries.

Suggested class size: 6to 12 persons

8 people or more will receive a discount:$588/ person!!
Include: theme room rental fee (2 hours), self-made perfume, half an hour of photography
(subject to change depending on the number of attendees)
It’s best to make a reservation one month before to guarantee availability of the instructor as well as the event space.
Please contact Jane directly for more information.

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