Osmanthus Perfume

Osmanthus Perfume

Floroma 花の滴

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The scent of Osmanthus is simple and clean. A pleasant sweetness brings a feeling of happiness, changing your normal day into a better one.

|Scent Description|

Osmanthus, the scent of autumn, a slight sweetness and clean. Perfume with Osmanthus as the main ingredient is not dull at all. The gentle sweetness will linger in your memory.

Osmanthus Osmanthus

Under the sunset of Autumn,

The sweet Osmanthus scent brings a little bit of bitterness,

The rich osmanthus scent is like surrounding you,

Bringing you happiness everyday❤






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We also have Osmanthus Perfume Sets

Set1️⃣ 10mL + 35mL (Large Perfume + Small Perfume Package)
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Set 2️⃣ 35mL + 35mL (2 Big Perfumes Package)
Original Price:$1176,
Discount Price $488

35mlThe Osmanthus Perfume is packed with a beautifully designed box,a good choice as gift!

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