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Natural 🍊Sweet Orange Alcoholic Spray
Sweet Orange Alcoholic Spray

【$228/ 4 bottles +🚚 Limited Free Shipping Sale】

1.What is the ingredients and effect of this naural sweet orange alcoholic spray?🍊

it contains 75%natural alcohol,can🦠kills germs effectively

🍊Naturalsweet orange essential oil,keep your hands💦moisturized

🍀Refreshing Smell

Portable size, easy to carry

2. What payment method?

You can pay through online payment, FPS (phone number: 98850262),、

Bank Transfer: HSBC Bank Account: 023-896475-838 (Floroma Ltd) or,
Standard Chartered Bank Account: 251-89862171 (Weng Ching)

Or Payme: https://qr.payme.hsbc.com.hk/2/SQ8AzU1ALDTsA6Skt7Mapj

3. If purchasing it with other products, can I still enjoy the free shipping discount?


If you have any inquiries, please contact our staff at facebook @myfloroma !

Buy It Now : https://floroma.net/products/100

##Alcoholic Spray ##Combat Virus

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