Jasmine Perfume

Jasmine Perfume

Floroma 花の滴

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Jasmine perfume is packed with beautifully designed box, good choice for present!

Jasmine perfume《Le Jasmin》Express your inner beauty

|Scent description|

The blossoming time of Jasmine is short, and this can show how precious it is.

This perfume keeps the pure Jasmine scent. When smelling it, you would feel the breeze of summer night; the soft floral scent can help relieve your mind. Using high quality Jasmine flowers, the perfume smells fresh, comforting and relieving, won’t irritate your smelling sense.

The pure Jasmine is captivating. When spraying it on, your friendliness feeling is enhanced, helping present your smart and gentle image. This is suitable for daily use.

Jasmine perfume 《Le Jasmin en Juin》

A clean, and delicate hint of Jasmine

Quietly being carried by the gentle breeze of summer,

A refreshing scent, comforting and refined,

You can't help but feel intoxicated under the enchanting night.

Notes: Jasmine





10mL: $128 (Original price$168)

35mL: $288 (Original price$398)

There are also Jasmine perfume sets on sale

Package1️⃣ 10mL + 35mL (Large perfume+Small perfume)
Original price:$566,Discount price$398

Package2️⃣ 35mL + 35mL (2bottles of perfume sets)
Original price:$796,Discount price$488

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