Frangipani Perfume

Frangipani Perfume

Floroma 花の滴

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The flower language of the frangipani is "hope". Perhaps this is the same as life. Many people think that their life is ordinary, but they are actually full of memories of love and happiness. Everyone’s life is unique, with a little bit of extraordinary in the ordinary, so we should be hopeful for life.

|Scent Introduction|

Floroma uses frangipani as the only fragrance without any modification, which is quite rare, but it can present the most authentic frangipani fragrance.

Frangipani perfume is delicate and light, very gentle and healing. The slightly sweet floral fragrance is fresh and unassuming, simple and clean, soothing. Smelling this scent, my mood suddenly became happy, and all day's fatigue was relieved.

Spray on the quilt before going to bed, let yourself have a good dream, and wake up to smell the warm and quiet fragrance of frangipani, let you start your day with hope!

The frangipani, which symbolizes "hope", has an ordinary appearance, but when it blooms, the fragrance is unexpectedly rich. Like a simple and pure girl, full of connotation, her personality is not open, but she always exudes charm unconsciously.

👍🏻There is an elegant new package design for the large perfume! Perfect as a gift or for yourself!
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