Floroma【Scented Candle Gift Set】$698 for 3 Sets:3 Candles/Set (50g x 3)

Floroma【Scented Candle Gift Set】$698 for 3 Sets:3 Candles/Set (50g x 3)

Floroma 花の滴

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Floroma【Scented Candle Collection】

Scented candles can make the room full of fragrance and pleasant scent. They are healing objects that can help you relax and create an atmosphere. Our scented candles can give you a lift, stabilize your mood, or add romance and warmth to your home, and make you feel happy!

Aromatherapy candles combine light, shadow and fragrance. A gentle candle can fill the space with soft light, while the rich scent can change the mood. Let your favorite scent wash away the fatigue at the end of a busy day, so that your body and mind can relax.

Floroma Scented Candle 香薰蠟燭 聖誕禮物

Floroma Scented Candle 香薰蠟燭 聖誕禮物

The power of aromatherapy

The scented candles are made of aromatherapy oils and have aromatherapy properties. In other words, scented candles can bring benefits to the body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy has been used for hundreds of years to gain energy, relieve stress, enhance concentration and relieve pain. The scented candles exudes the aroma of essential oils to stimulate the senses. Basically, scented candles are used not only because they emit a pleasant aroma, but also because they have the ability to change our mood and help us feel good.

Floroma Scented Candle 香薰蠟燭 聖誕禮物Floroma Scented Candle 香薰蠟燭 聖誕禮物

How our candles are made?

We make candles with three main ingredients: wick, wax and essential oil. The wick of a high-quality scented candle is made of cotton or hemp. The wick does not contain toxic elements such as zinc and lead, because these elements will diffuse into the air and enter the human body through the respiratory system.

Soy wax, beeswax, candelilla wax and rapeseed wax are all used to make natural scented candles.

Our scented candles contain natural essential oils. The process is 100% handmade from the beginning, using the highest quality materials and following high industry standards.

Organically made scented candles are a bit more expensive than ordinary candles, but they have more benefits than ordinary scented candles. They burn less soot. They burn more slowly than most of the other candles. Moreover, their main advantage is to exude a real sense of happiness.

Of course, not all scented candles are the same. The quality of the essential oils used and the area where the plants grow will affect the quality of scented candles. Before buying scented candles, it is helpful to research the source of the ingredients.


We provide you with five different scents

Scented candles have a variety of scents. The following are 5 scents specially selected for you, which are the most common scents to gain happiness. Whether you like floral, fruity or woody, there is always one that can capture your heart!

1. Wild Bluebell

| Scent Introduction |
The wild bluebell scent is fresh and clear, the floral scent is slightly sweet and not too greasy, with a touch of sea breeze. This light fresh scent is easy to fall in love with. Lighting it up is like being in summer, feeling the breeze, refreshing and pleasant.

Fragrance: wild bluebell, musk, amber
Suggested use place: living room, bedroom, study room


2. English Pear

| Scent Introduction |

This is a girly scent, the sweet pear and honey complement each other, and the freesia scent has the scent of lychee, which is lively and gentle, perfectly presenting the feeling of autumn.

Fragrance: pear, freesia, musk, patchouli
Suggested use place: living room, bedroom, bathroom


3. Sandalwood

| Scent Introduction |

This sandalwood candle exudes a dignified woody smell, with a hint of vanilla sweetness, and the taste is natural and elegant, warm and comfortable. It is very suitable for use in winter. However, this sandalwood does not have a strong smoky feeling, but a soapy feeling just after the bath, soft and clean. The smell of sandalwood and agarwood makes you feel at ease and calm, and helps relieve stress. It is especially recommended to light it for 1-2 hours before going to bed. It will make it easier to fall asleep if you smell the lingering fragrance after extinguishing it!

Fragrance: sandalwood, iris, agarwood
Suggested use place: living room, bedroom


4. Yuzu

| Scent Introduction |

The fresh and sour scent of grapefruit and orange is very refreshing, it makes people feel graceful and energetic. The refreshing orange blossom scent and slight mint scent will improve your work and study efficiency and help refresh your mind.

Fragrance notes: grapefruit, orange blossom, vetiver, mint
Suggested use place: living room, bathroom, study room


5. Almond Vanilla

| Scent Introduction |

This is the only scent with gourmet aroma among the 5 candles. Lighting it up is like entering a sweet dream, dreaming of being surrounded by peach and red berry gardens, smelling the fragrance of coconut and jasmine, and like lying on a cloud of cotton candy, savoring caramel desserts.

Fragrance notes: jasmine, coconut, sweet peach, red berry, marshmallow, caramel, vanilla
Suggested use place: living room, bathroom, bedroom

Floroma Scented Candle Gift Set ❗Free Express Freight for Limited Time❗

Floroma Scented Candle 香薰蠟燭 聖誕禮物
Floroma Scented Candle 香薰蠟燭 聖誕禮物

| Product Specification |
Ingredients: natural soybean wax, essential oil
Net Weight: 50g x 3 (per 1 set)
Each set can be used for about 24 hours

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