Sandalwood Perfume《Mystery》

Sandalwood Perfume《Mystery》

Floroma 花の滴

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|Scent description|

Recently, a woodier scent perfume has become the trend, suitable for both men and women to use. It can become a couple perfume that can be used together with your significant other.

A woody aromatic scent with sandalwood

Evoking the maturity of a man, symbolizing a capable and successful man.

For women, it exudes a mysterious feeling, leaving a deep impression, expressing her unsurpassed attractiveness.

A woody aromatic scent with sandalwood
Mysterious scents from far eastern, feeling the sexiness and calmness,
expressing her unsurpassed attractiveness

Notes: Sandalwood

Specially presented to you!





Functions of Sandalwood

Sandalwood Oil is a great natural remedy to promote mental clarity and cognitive function. When you are stressed out in your daily lives, give our sandalwood perfume a try, it's calm and relaxing so you can press the restart button and be ready for whatever is coming next.

At Floroma, our goal has always been to develop unique perfume with reliable quality

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