Peach Perfume 《Fantasy》

Peach Perfume 《Fantasy》

Floroma 花の滴

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Peach Perfume 《Fantasy》

A perfume with a fruity aroma is a must-have item for sweet girls!A gentle sweet aroma surrounding your body, captivates the people around you. (〃∀〃)The sweetness and the Pink color perfume perfectly represents the feminine you. How can you resist?

|Scent description|

Peach and passionfruit is a perfect combination, fresh and sweet,and you can even smell a bit soft floral scent when spraying the perfume. Each of this scent has its own uniqueness,the fruit scent is fresh and natural,the floral scent is gentle and soft,and this perfume strike a perfect balance with these three scents。When using it,you will become a lovely sweet girl!It's very suitable for dating occasion~


The fruitiness and sweetness of peaches and passion fruit,
Make you wonder if you are being at the Wonderland,
Having an amazing day;
Or is it just a whimsical daydream…?

Note: Peach, Passion Fruit, soft floral scent

To the one who is full of imaginations and fantasy


Floral Scent: 🌟🌟



What's your fantasy? Buy and experience this "Fantasy"!

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花之滴原創手工香水 是Eau de Parfum(EDP),比淡香水(EDT)級別高一級,因為沒有加化學品定香劑,不易皮膚敏感,持香大概4-6小時,亦根據人體體溫而定。

  • 香港製造
  • 法國香料
  • 容量:有10mL和35mL可選
  • 連精美禮盒
  • 香港本地訂單:訂單滿$500免順豐運費,$500以下包平郵(無掛號)(限港澳地區)
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  • 中國內地及其他亞洲地區:可選順豐到付或空郵
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