Cedarwood Perfume

Cedarwood Perfume

Floroma 花の滴

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|Scent description|

This Cedarwood perfume emit the smell of calm wood and let you feel relaxing. In the warm fragrant wood scent, with a touch of soap scent, it gives people a clean feeling, just like walking through the green mountains and forests, coming to the quiet lake to enjoy the leisure afternoon.


As time passes by, the healing woody and body scents blend, gradually revealing a leather-like novel, warm and a little delicate, stylish, very unique!

Men spraying on cedar wood perfume would exude a calm and steady appearance. He has a calm personality but also able to take care of others. He is a warm man who is cold outside and warm inside!



|Product Specification|

Volume: 50mL

Packaging: our newest black bottle design with a black gift box.

Production: Made in Hong Kong

Fragrance Ingredients: Imported from France

Product shelf life: up to five years (Please store at a cool and dry area and avoid direct sunlight)


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