Baby Powdery Perfume

Baby Powdery Perfume

Floroma 花の滴

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Baby Powdery Perfume

Some girls are really fond of Baby Powdery smell. This natural and simple scent helps brig childhood memories, comforting and warm, just like your natural body scent, so it’s also called the scent which is most alike human body scent. This type of perfume is suitable for girls who love natural scent and don’t wanna be too stand out. We also highly recommend this scent to people for their first perfume experience!

With the baby powdery scent, people will feel you are easy to get along with! More Likable💕!

A fragrant that is the closest to the natural scent of a human,

A simple and natural scent,

Evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth,

Just Like your natural body scent

Assert a feeling of kindness and a woman who is easy to approach.

Suitable for a person who is low-key and enjoys a more natural fragrant.




10mL: $128 (Original price$168)

35mL: $288 (Original price$398)

We also prepare a beautifully designed packing for you:

Set1️⃣ 10mL + 35mL (Large perfume+Small perfume package)
Original price:$566,Discount price$398

Set2️⃣ 35mL + 35mL (2 big perfume set)
Original price:$796,
Discount price$488

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