5 Small Perfume Set (10mL)【customized / random combination】

5 Small Perfume Set (10mL)【customized / random combination】

Floroma 花の滴

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The Perfect Gift Set!

【Customized combination】

5 Perfume Bottle Gift Set $498

Choose any 5 fragrant from our hand-made perfume!(You can choose the same fragrant more than once!)

You can choose our new fragrant Bulgarian Rose perfume too!😍

【New Release】Bulgarian Rose perfume

A classic scent is packed with a hint of bulgarian rose,
The tenderness of rose is combined with the fruitiness and sweetness of lychee,
Slowly evoke the allure of the fragrant,
Fully expressing and capturing the charm, and sexiness of a woman.
Note: Bulgarian Rose
🏆 White Orchid perfume《True Self》
The fragrance of Hong Kongers
Only use pure white orchid scent as the main note,
No other scents added,
Awakened the purest and most passionate heart,
To the courageous and devoted me in the past;
Hey, are you still here?
Note: White Orchid

Osmanthus perfume

Under the sunset of Autumn,
The sweet Osmanthus scent brings a little bit of bitterness,
The rich Osmanthus scent surrounds you,
Brings your happiness everyday❤
Note: Osmanthus

Baby Powdery perfume
A fragrant that is the closest to the natural scent of a human

A simple and natural scent,
Evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth,
Just like your natural body scent,
Assert a feeling of kindness and a woman who is easy to approach.

Suitable for a person who is low-key and enjoys a more natural fragrant.

Jasmine perfume

A clean, and delicate hint of Jasmine,
Quietly being carried by the gentle breeze of summer,
A refreshing scent, comforting and refined,
You can't help but feel intoxicated under the enchanting night.
Notes: Jasmine
Ginger Lily perfume
The blossom of Ginger Lily,
is like a white butterfly which flies freely across the prairie.
This perfume would make you feel like you are being in the nature,
Which makes you relax and uplifts your mood.
Suitable for office lady and travel usage.

Note: Ginger Lily

【Chinese New Year Exclusive】 Narcissus
A light hint of Narcissus,
Luxurious, Elegant and graceful,
A delicate scent,
For the delicate and gentle woman that is you.
Note: Narcissus

Sea Salt perfume《Free Wave》

Listen to the sound of the waves,
The feeling of freedom,
Makes your imagination go wild.
The thirst for exploration,
To discover your own sense of freedom.
Notes: grapefruit, sea salt

Sandalwood perfume《Mystery》

A woody aromatic scent with sandalwood
Evoking the maturity of a man, symbolizing a capable and successful man.
For women, it exudes a mysterious feeling, leaving a deep impression, expressing her unsurpassed attractiveness.
Notes: Sandalwood

Peach perfume《Fantasy》

The fruitiness and sweetness of peaches and passion fruit,
Make you wonder if you are being at the Wonderland,
Having an amazing day;
Or is it just a whimsical daydream…?
Notes: Peach, Passion Fruit

Rose Perfume 《Amour》

Romantic and elegant,
Showing the female attractiveness.
Gentle hint of rose uplifted with a hint of narcissus and green tea,
It’s as if you are enjoying a cup of tea out on an open field on a sunny day.
Notes: Rose, Narcissus, Green Tea

【Spring Exclusive】Cherry blossom perfume《Sakura》

The fresh and delicate Sakura scent,
Gives you a Spring’s romantic vibe,
As if you were watching the cherry blossom on a perfect spring day,
Perfect for the woman who is sweet, lovely, and charming.
Note: Cherry Blossom

|Product Specification|

Volume:10mL x 5支

Fragrance:choose your favorites or we can help you choose as well!

Packaging:Floroma white gift box

Perfume Production:Hong Kong

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