White Orchid Perfume (True Self) Malaysia


Indulge yourself with a touch of romance, with our new fragrance brought to you at special price.

Remember that perfume is our cover letter and smell good generates amazing feelings in ourselves and other people.

Is time for you to treat yourself and get our amazing new fragrances made with high standards, created to last long and to leave a haze of beauty everywhere you go.

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Your perfume is your cover letter

As we understand the importance of a good smell in every woman, we created our fragrances using the highest standards of the industry.
With a multiple variety of imported notes and scents, plus a correct aging process that let all the components settle down and create an amazing fragrance, that will have the final touch with the skin of the lady who uses it. This will make your perfume YOUR COVER LETTER, ready to impress with your haze and being remembered in any 

Fragrances specially made for you

White Orchid Perfume 💐

Only use pure white orchid scent as the main note
No other scents added
Awakened the purest and most passionate heart
To the courageous and devoted me in the past
For the ones who are pursuing their dreams.

Floral Scent:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Note:White Orchid

An aroma to remember

No doubt that whenever you go and use, for the office, college, social meetings or at home after a hot shower, the scent of our perfumes will leave a beautiful haze that will be your signature cover letter, and your presence will be remembered every time.

With our set you will be able to combine fragrances for weeks and months

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