Membership program

Any questions regarding membership and the points system,please direct message us on Facebook @myfloroma!

1.If you did not register, can you still save points?

You need to be a member tosave points, so remember to register!

2. How come no points were save after purchase?

Please make sure that you are logged in before making a purchase, then the system will automatically transfer points to your account. if you did forget to log in, please contact us, and we can arrange points to be transfer back to your account manually.

3. Can i exchange points for deals multiple times?

after trading in points, you will automatically receive a discount code. Discount code can only be used once, each purchase is limited to one discount code. You can use points to exchange multiple discount code, but you will not be able to use them all in one purchase.

4. Is there an expiration dates for the points?

If your account is inactive for one year(ex. making purchase or exchanging points), your points will reset to zero, so remember to exchange your points!

5. Is there a minimum spending limit for using a discount coupon?

No. There is no minimum spending limit, but remember that you can only use one coupon per purchase.

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