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Thank you IMoney for the interview。

At Floroma, we stand together with you to fight through this pandemic!


we are very honored to have《Capital Entrepreneur》interview us!

No. 181 Dec 19 #Capital Entrepreneur 
available in all 711 and Circle K

🐷First interview in the Year of the Pig🎉Thank you『叱咤903』for interview us🌸We will continue to work hard💪🏻

Show Title: 《你好o野 》
時間: 聽日(14/3) 及後日(15/3) 2-3pm
Host: 朱薰 (薰女)

Thank you for all the support! We set up a booth for the 53rd Hong Kong Brand and Product Expo. The convention lasted for 24 days straight! We are grateful that our sales went well, we will continue to work hard!

Thank you TVB for introducing Floroma's product to their viewers.~The hosts loved our products 😚

Show title<< Y Angle>> It was out on September 8th ~Rewatch it here!

Hosts:Kayee Tam(譚嘉儀), Yan Ming Lok(駱胤鳴) and Kelly Chan(陳約臨)

🎉🎉Thank you #presslogic for Introducing #Floroma and letting us share our story on how the brand was started! And THank you to the people who support us🌸We will continue to try our hardest and do our best.❤️🌹

(12 Jun 18)

Floroma's first ever television interview!Floroma's Aromatic Refresher Pen 😇小環都讚好,您識揀啦~

<< Fantastic Television Limited: 搵錢男女>> (17 Jun 2018 10:30pm)

Host: Halina Tam (譚小環)、Aiyana Lo (盧頌恩/妹頭)

Thank you《Ming Pao Weekly》for interviewing our founder Jane Weng on creating Floroma! Thank you everyone for your support and recognition!

(6 Jan 2018)

Thank you U magazinefor the editorial on our founder Jane Wengsharing her entrepreneur experience !

(9 Nov 2017)

Thank you《Ming Pao》for the interview!Floroma's Aromatic Refresher Pen is on the front page of《Ming Pao Finance》!! In the article, it explains a lot of the research and testing process as well as customers' suggestions.❤️ Thank you to everyone for your love and support, a good customer review is always our best motivation

(7 Apr 2017)

藥油廠第二代研香水藥油 扭轉「攻鼻」形象

用家意見﹕無副作用 不易被察覺

做出成績 終獲父母認同

多謝香港電台邀請花之滴創辦人Jane Weng回答施政報的睇法!

(12 Oct 2017)


多謝新城電台FM99.7邀請花之滴創辦人Jane Weng分享創業故事並即場示範整香水!

拍攝專訪花之滴創辦人Jane Weng嘅創業故事😊

多謝《經濟日報地產站》拍攝專訪花之滴創辦人Jane Weng嘅創業故事😊

(16 Aug 2017)

全段短片(4 min):


(16 Aug 2017)


(30 Jun 2017)

多謝《HK01》專訪花之滴創辦人Jane Weng嘅創業故事😊

(26 Jun 2017)

【香水藥油】翻新老土形象 創業女生:為何藥油要躲在廁所搽?

多謝蘋果動、壹週刊<<青雲路>>拍片專訪花之滴創辦人Jane Weng,讓更多市民認識花之滴的品牌概念

(8-14 Mar 2017)

花之滴創辦人Jane Weng不理父母反對誓要創造有藥油功能的香水,一改藥油老土形象!



多謝經濟日報Topick 介紹花の滴香水醒神筆背後的創業故事

(2 Feb 2017)

多謝Mary 姐同我地開箱測試花の滴,究竟支野有幾得? 睇左片先講!!

(18 Dec 2016)

多謝晴報率先專訪花の滴創辦人Jane Weng,為品牌打響頭炮!

(2 Dec 2016)

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