1. What are some other payment options, other than credit cards??

2. Can you deliver to Macau?

3. When will you deliver the products?

4. How long will the perfume last??

5. What are the delivery methods available (Local)? ?

6. If the product is defected, is it possible to get an exchange or refund??

1. What are some other payment options, other than credit cards?

We accept PayMe, FPS, Alipay and Bank direct transfer.


1. If you choose Payme/FPS(轉數快) to pay,you have to hand in the order first,once you got the order number,you can pay by Payme/FPS。

2. FPS(轉數快) Number:+852 9885 0262

3. Payme Link:


**Please input your reference number when paying with PayMe(e.g. #1219), so we can confirm your payment.

3. Please screenshot once payment is complete, along with your reference number, and direct message us via Facebook@myfloroma Facebook inbox 😉

4. Please contact us on Facebook if you have any questions.

Bank Transfer】

Customers can pay using bank direct transfer. Please email us your Full name, address, email address, product name, quantity and delivery method atcs.floroma@gmail.com,once we have received your order, we will reply your email and deliver the product as soon as possible. 。

HSBC Bank Account Number: 023-896475-838 (Floroma Ltd)or
Standard Chartered Bank Account Number: 251-89862171 (Weng Ching)

Email example:

Name: Chan Tai Man

Address: Address: Unit 2, 13/F, Paramount Building, 12 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Email: chantaiman@gmail.com


Floroma’s handemade perfume(Sakura)x 1

Floroma’s handemade perfume(Matcha)x 3

Floroma’s handemade perfume(apple)x 1

Delivery Method:Surface Ordinary Letter / Packet(non registered)/ Surface Ordinary Letter / Packet (Registered) / Express

Please calculate the total cost (including shipping), and provide proof of purchase. Once we have received the proof of purchase, we will deliver the product within two days.

2. Can you send it to Macau?

We do delivery to Macau, as long as the Macau address is given. Enjoy free delivery via SF Express for purchases over $500HKD.

Please click here for ordering procedures for Macau Residents.

3. When would you deliver the products?

Product are sent within two days after order is received.

4. What is the lasting time of the perfume?

Our line of products are Eau de Parfum(EDP), compared to the usual Eau de Toilette (EDT), it is more concentrated. Furthermore, our perfume is free of chemicals, and will not agitate your skin. Our perfume will last between 4-6 hours depending on the individual.

5. Delivery Options(Hong Kong Local?

Delivery Time?


Deliver to your home??

Price (please refer to the delivery fee at checkout)

Surface mail (register)

3-5 business days, excluding holidays



HKD 20

Surface mail (non-register)

5 business days,




SF Express
Between 2-3 business days
Yes Yes With in 1KG = HKD$30

6. If there are problems on the product ,could I refund or return?

Please click here for more detail regarding the return procedures.

If customers discover issues with our products, such as defects, expired or received the wrong item, please contact us within 14 days after receiving the package, we will arrange your refund or exchange as soon as possible.

If customers wish to exchange products after purchase, please contact us within 7 days.

Contact number: 2997 6119

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