Floroma Branding, Story and the Origin of its name

Floroma's Branding and Story

Our founder, Jane Weng, used to work in the finance industry. Working long hours, she and her colleagues had tried many things to stay awake and refreshed while working. However, not all methods are good for the body, such as constantly drinking coffee and eating snacks. Sometimes, her colleagues would secretly use chinese medicinal oil in the washroom, to avoid being teased or misunderstood for being sick. While observing such cases, Jane identified a market opportunity. She quitted her job in the finance industry, started her own company. She created a new line of perfume, with the benefits of the chinese medicinal oil, but targeting a younger and broader demographic.

Although traditional chinese medicinal oil has many positive effects such as refreshing your mind and being mosquito-repellent, it is often that the bottle opening is poorly designed, which makes it harder to control the amount that is being poured out. Furthermore, bottles and packaging designs are very traditional and are not trendy for different markets and demographics. Another concern is that people around you might not be able to withstand the strong smell of chinese medicinal oil, or they might say that you are using “grandparents’ perfume” as they are often used by older generations, and not popular with the younger generations. Therefore, Jane has reinvented the chinese medicinal oil by combining both the traditional chinese technique and the western perfume making technique, ultimately creating a brand new product. Before the official launch of Floroma,Jane has spent half year of time to conduct research and experiment,interviewed 200 female in total, who age 20 to 35, as marketing research. The interviewees would first choose the scents that they prefer among the 30 scents provided, then choose the scent they love the most after trying the scents that they selected in the first round. According to Jane's research result, and with the later stage of formulation the adjustment of portions between oil and scents,The finished products are the popular Apple Flower, Green Tea and Sakura flavor Aromatic Refresher Pens. This pen uses delicate roll-on design,and the bottle is light and portable,easy to carry。With all these advanced product features, the Aromatic Refresher Pen can not only keeps the mosquito-repelling and refreshing effects as traditional medicated oil does, but also gives appealing aroma like perfume does. These combination helps improve people's acceptance and likeliness towards medicated oil. In addition , Floroma uses pure natural menthol which is 4 times more expensive than camphor, the material uses in traditional medicated oil. Allergic ingredients such as DEET and alcohol are also not used, so children can also use it. The lavender essential oil can help relieve stress from long working hours.

After the official release of Floroma's Aromatic Refresher Pen, it sold out over 10 thousands bottles in just half a year. Until now, it has 16 media coverage at online media and newspaper. The places of sales cover large-sized convenient stores and bookstores including Sasa, 7-11, Joint Publising (H.K.), Wishh, JC Shop, Commercial Press, Breakthrough Centre,Chunghua Book Company,etc. Popular among students and office workers.

Floroma花の滴 名稱由來

Our founder Jane Weng is a flower lover, especial towards Japan's Sakura. But the time of Sakura blossom is very short. It just blossoms in March and April. Therefore, Jane wants to keep and present the essence of flower in bottle form. By naming it as "Floroma", Jane wants everyone can enjoy the season of sakura blossom anytime and anywhere.

The name "Floroma" is formed by “Flower” and “Aroma ”, symbolizing the dedication to brings fragrance of flower to everyone!

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