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Floroma Perfume Bar | Wedding Photojournalism

【Collaboration】婚禮味賞創造 | Wedding Perfume Bar

Floroma This time we are collaborating with Kel Li Art Gallery, to give all the wedding couples something special. Let’s use fragrance to create a memorable experience, and leave with a self-made perfume as a gift;At the same time, one of the top wedding photographer Kel Li will document, photograph your entire wedding, so you can treasure every moment.

Kel Li Art Gallery provides wedding photography and videography for Hong Kong and overseas. Founder Kel Li participated in many overseas photography competition, and received over 40 awards。A great photograph captures a moment, along with the story, and emotion behind it. Every photoshoot, we hope that when other people see it, it lets them feel what the people in the picture are feeling, the love and happiness of a wedding

Before Dec 31st, If you reserve the Kel Li Art Gallery's Wedding Photography service,you can enjoy 3 exclusive deals:
1) For a total of $6,888(original price $8,888), you get Floroma Perfume Bar 15ml x 80bottles of perfume with a compete set up (including:6-8 different fragrance ingredient (import from France) for mixing, 2 on-site personnels (1 professional perfumer), 個人化定製、table decorations up to 3 meter)
2) Personalized perfume gift set for the Wedding couple ,valued at $1,500
3) A high quality faux leather photo frame,including 30 high resolution printed photos,valued at $1,000: https://kelli.hk/blog/canvas/

To know more about Floroma Perfume Bar,pleasehttps://floroma.net/products/perfumebar

To know more about Kel Li Art Gallery,please go to https://kelli.hk/blog/perfumebar/

Please contact @Floroma

Please contact@Kel Li Art Gallery

* Floroma Fragrance Notes:
Floral: Rose , Narcissus, Sakura, White Orchid, Jasmine
Woody: Iris Sandalwood, Patchouli Sandal, Green Tea, Freesia Odarata
Fruity: Pink Grapefruit, Tangerine, Grape, Lychee, Apple Blossom, Green Apple, Sweet Orange
Complex: Joyce, Summer Marine, Mountain Haze, Dream

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